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Greenwood Kindergarten
Greenwood Kindergarten
 School Age 
School Age:  At this age children have an amazing capacity to reason.  The combined power of their reasoning intellect and imagination are so potent that virtually any concept or system – no matter how difficult or abstract – can be presented in such a way that they can begin integrating this knowledge in these early years of schooling. 
The focus is on learning any subject from many directions through all disciplines.   Time lines, charts and experiments inspire systematic research and understanding of broad areas of learning.  Early school age Years Programme also operates from the understanding that an important challenge at this developmental stage is for children to discover their place within a group and within society as a whole.  Thus, much of the activity at the Elementary levels takes place in groups, with children sharing, collaborating and exploring projects, team works, together.  The buzz of debate, discussion and disagreement fill the classroom from these years.
Grade 1 is a very important year as it sets the tone for the rest of the student’s school experience. It is a teansational  stage for every child from kindergarten to regular school. At Greenwood, everyone works together to make sure it is a positive one. The school works from 8:50 to 3:30pm.
  Children, however,   bring a packed lunch . Another new experience is having recess outside with the rest of the kindergarten  elementary classes. All these new experiences make Grade 1 a very exciting year.
Grade 2 is an important year for the growth of each student as it provides the building blocks that will be an asset throughout each student’s educational career.  In Grade 1, the students are given the tools and in Grade 2, the boys learn to apply these tools while learning new strategies.  In Grade 2, students will begin to learn and appreciate their strengths and become more confident learners. Not only is it important to praise each student’s individual strengths but also to help them with their weaknesses and ensure that each student is well-rounded.  The students learn how to work more independently with less teacher support.  The students learn the importance of hard    work, respectful behaviour, and classroom participation.  Each student’s progress is tracked on a daily basis.  Students are aware and understand the system which helps them see their progress and encourages them to work harder.  The students learn key routines that they follow with ease throughout the year.  There is also a focus on creativity, whether in writing or artistic expression.   Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to ensure they create the best work they are capable of.  Throughout the day there are a variety of activities, such as Explode the Code workbooks, knitting, or math games and centres, that the students can choose to work on independently.  As well, there are a lot of activities that the whole class participates in throughout the day, including but not limited to, daily trivia, five minute fitness, and music appreciation.  Concepts are reinforced through homework folders which include daily activities, reading, and book reports.   Grade 2 is a great year for each individual to learn who they are as students while learning new strategies that will help them in years to come.
Grade 3 at Greenwood  is a year when the boys and girls  are preparing for the Primary level years.  The students are eager to learn and the focus of all programs is to encourage a love for life long learning and a strong work ethic.  Some of the highlights of the grade three year are visits to the farms and other historical  learning areas.  Students are expected to spend at least 15 minutes an evening reading and up to 30 minutes doing other assigned homework or work not completed in class.  If students are not completing work assigned for homework, they receive an “overdue homework” notice with the assignments listed and a place for parents to sign once the work is complete.  Also if a student is absent they will receive a “while you were away” notice with assignments that were missed listed.  The students are held accountable for their assignments and repeat offenders do have consequences.  Communication is very important between the teacher and parents in grade three.  If there are any times when your son is needing reminders regarding his behaviour on a frequent basis, you will be contacted by phone or email.  Also if there are any circumstances that may affect your son at school, it is important to let his teacher know as soon as possible.
School Hours:
8:50am - 3:30pm
Snack break: 10:40am - 10:50am
Lunch break: 12:43pm - 1:15pm

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