Reaching To The Future
Greenwood Kindergarten
Greenwood Kindergarten

                                                                                                                                                                                             Kindergarten is an enviournament designed to provide developmentally appropriate experiences for children three and half to five and half years of age. Children begin preschool with many things already know.They generalize those skills as well as develop new skills through:                                                                                                        following directions,playing with others, liistening stories, discovery using their senses, moving around in different enviournaments, experiencing sounds, singing songs,hearing music and following daily routain.
Reading & Writing skills begin in Kindergarten.
creativety through :Art work, Clay modelling, Folding and cutting, craft work


Aesthetics and Creative Expression

 At this age children are naturally spontaneous and Exuberant in the ways they express their ideas and feelings.Children are provided with opportunities to express themselves freely, as they invent,play,explore and refine ideas and feelings through a variety of media such as dance, music and art.