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Greenwood Kindergarten
Greenwood Kindergarten




Preparing your children for lifelong learning success!

From preschool to kindergarten, at The Greenwood Kindergarten Preschool your child will engage in constructive activity based learning that focuses on a developmentally appropriate academic curriculum. We provide a solid foundation of fun and education; emphasizing on cognitive development, social and emotional skills, creativity, including language and literacy.

Our programs are adapted to your children's needs to be children, while helping them to learn the fundamentals that prepare them for elementary school. We have three age appropriate programs: Early Play Group, designed for children two and two and half  years of age; Nursery designed for children two and half and three and half  ; and Pre school designed for three and half  and  five year old children. The Greenwood Kindergarten Preschool fosters children's natural curiosity to learn by having the support of nurturing educators whose goal is to see your child succeed!