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Greenwood Kindergarten
Greenwood Kindergarten
            Tomorrow's School for Today's Child
Greenwood Kindergarten is a special place - a dynamic educational community, created by interaction enthusiastic parents and committed faculty.

Our basic Philosophy focuses on the satisfaction of child's inquisitive mind through concept clarity. The personalized tender care stimulates the nascent mind to explore, understand, learn and appreciate the finer aspects of life so that child is able to handle day to day situations without any stress thus giving him a strong foundation for his success in life.
The Mission of Greenwood is to help young minds grow and learn in a harmonious environment resulting in the all-round development of the child. The education system must enable the child to cope with the ever growing challenges of life. Greenwood aims to provide these experiences through creative and modern education in an attractive and caring environment.

It all began in 1969 with an idea:  stretch a child's rapidly developing mind and body and  you begin to prepare him or her for life. At Greenwood , we understand the relationships and experiences children have in the first three years of life have a profound impact on their future. In fact, the brain is most active in the first three years, in which time it will grow to 80 percent of its adult size.  It's essential for parents and caregivers to nurture a child's development during this time.  The Greenwood Learning Programme  is a critical component to supporting this development

Our child-development experts have been building and growing our program for more than 45 years. We continue to focus on the whole child in order to help children acquire the key ingredients, motor skills, social skills and self-esteem--they need to grow up to be confident, happy and successful adults.

Today, the Greenwood Learning Programme is stronger than  ever. While our programme continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of families, we will always maintain our core belief that playing and learning are inextricably linked. With the involvement of parents and caregivers, we want to give you new ways to encourage your child to problem-solve, think creatively, gain self-esteem and grow to be an independent learner. We also give you tools to support your child at each stage of development so you can help your child learn how to learn.  After all, you are your child's most important teacher and Greenwood is committed to helping you become the very best parent you can be.

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